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Caring for every aspect of the individual! 

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"The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person" --Andy Rooney



What is Care for the Body & Soul?

Our goal is to do all we can to help an individual remain as independent as possible in their own home. We will always be there for any needs. Never be alone, get assistance to run errands, be accompanied to any appointments you may have, take trips to the grocery store, have meals prepared and served, get your home cleaned and laundry completed, and so much more! 


Mission And Vision

We pledge to care for more than the body; we look deeper and ensure that the soul is as healthy as the body! We feel that the social and emotional aspects need attention as well!


We guarantee our staff to be available and there for your needs. Your success is our success! We match staff with clients so there are connections and continuity of care. You will not see a different face every day!

Support At Home

We offer support for all an individual's needs at home. We want all clients to feel totally safe and happy at home!

Do You Need Help?

Contact us anytime via phone!

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